A Focus on Postvention: How Colleges and Universities Can React to Suicide Clusters

In the latest Focus newsletter, CAFE TAC examines the phenomenon of “suicide clusters” on college and university communities, and how they might be prevented. Students in higher education face a myriad of challenges and threats to their emotional wellness. That’s why many institutions make an effort to publicize their counseling services, and campaign against stigma within their student bodies.

Despite these efforts, there have been several instances in which multiple suicides have occurred at a given institution in a short period of time. The reasons why these “suicide clusters” happen aren’t well known, but it is believed that one of the most effective ways to prevent them is to create a “postvention” plan with protocols to allow a community to address the shock waves of trauma that follow a suicide.

The new Focus newsletter, Postvention: How Colleges and Universities Can React to Suicide Clusters, takes a look at the phenomenon of suicide clusters, and examines how a postvention plan can make all the difference in how a community reacts when a suicide happens. Check it out here.

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Video: Mental Health Roundtable

In this video recording of a session in the Mental Health track at The 17th Annual Family Cafe, CAFE TAC Program Director Jeremy Countryman and peer specialist and advocate Heather Hawk lead a discussion touching on a number of mental health issues, including mental health courts and crisis intervention teams (CIT), services for individuals with both mental health and developmental disability issues, and alternative self-directed paths to recovery.


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Mental Illness: It Can Happen to Anyone

In this video recording of a session in the Mental Health track at The 17th Annual Family Cafe, Pam Ford of South Florida Behavioral Health Network shares her personal journey through childhood trauma, psychiatric hospitalizations, and incarceration, to her current stable and productive life. While many mental illnesses show symptoms early in one’s life, this story demonstrates what can happen when symptoms and crises happen to someone in their 40’s. Most importantly, it highlights the power of hope, recovery, and resiliency.


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View CAFE TAC’s Newest Online Training: Peer Supervison

peer-supervision-254wThe CAFE TA Center is pleased to present its newest online training, Peer Supervision.

As peer support services continue to grow in use and popularity, peer specialists find themselves working within all manner of settings. It can be a challenge for peers to stay true to their values and the principles of recovery as they work in teams and systems that have management structures that include both peers and non-peers. For peer support to be effective, and result in positive outcomes for those being served, those individuals responsible for supervising and managing peer support specialists must be informed and prepared.

How can peers manage other peers? What should non-peers keep in mind when managing peer specialists? CAFE TAC’s latest training, Peer Supervision, offers answers to these questions and more. This extensive training provides information for both peers managing other peers, as well as non-peer professionals and clinicians tasked with supervising peer specialists. Through a series of modules, it provides foundational information on peer support and its growth out of the consumer/survivor/ex-patient movement, training for non-peers supervising peers support workers, information for peers supervising other peers, advice on group supervision, and a series of scenarios to help illustrate how various concepts work in practice. The online training is organized in such a way that you can skip to the sections that are most relevant to you.

CAFE TAC is very pleased to be able to offer this new resource to anyone who is supervising peer professionals, as well as to peers working in different settings, and anyone invested in integrating peer support and the insights of people with lived experience into their organization.

Check it out today!

This training is presented as a pre-recorded slide show with accompanying audio. To download or view the training in PDF format with a written transcription of the audio and thumbnail images, please click here.PDF icon

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A Focus on The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act

On June 16, the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act, sponsored by Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA), had its first public hearing before the Health Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. This piece of legislation, which is similar but not identical to the version that failed to pass in 2013, has the potential to create major changes in the system and deeply impact people with mental health needs.

In the latest Focus, CAFE TAC shares some of the central provisions of the bill, and offers a summary of the views shared by witnesses at the recent hearing. The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act represents a major effort to re-make the nation’s mental health system, and CAFE TAC encourages everyone to follow the progress of this bill closely. Why not begin by reading our latest Focus!

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