CAFE TA Center Trainings

The CAFÉ TA Center is committed to providing quality training to consumers and advocates throughout the country. Consumers in the community need the right knowledge and tools to effectively organize, speak for themselves, and thrive in their daily lives. Thanks to the technology available, it has become relatively easy to connect with consumers and advocates and share resources without having to ask people to interrupt their daily routines by traveling to attend training.

The CAFÉ TA Center will take advantage of that technology by hosting a series of trainings online. Those who miss trainings, or wish to view them after the fact, will be able to find all of our past trainings here in the Training section of our website.

Training topics will include workforce development, supported education, transition, leadership, organizational development, sustainability, and more. If you think there’s a subject that needs to be addressed through a training, please contact us to let us know!

Supports for Families Workshop Series

This interactive workshop series has been designed to help family members and caregivers of people with serious mental health conditions support their family member by promoting recovery and taking a strengths-based approach to encouraging resiliency and self-direction.

The workshop series includes both a series of videos and a corresponding workbook. There are five modules in the series, with each one having its own video and a section in the workbook that goes with it. Each module is hosted on its own webpage where you can view both the relevant workbook section and its related video.

Find the Supports for Families Workshop Series on our website here!

The Consumer Pathways to Inclusion and Engagement Model

This CPEIM is a guide book created by peers, for peers, to help them develop the skills they need to turn their lived mental health experience into meaningful change in the mental health system of care.

It’s designed to :

  • help people in recovery use their voice to help others walking the same path;
  • enable them to better understand themselves and their recovery; and
  • use that understanding to foster systems change and the growth of person‐centered, strengths‐based, recovery-focused approaches to the mental health system in their states and communities.

The CPIEM is a robust document made up of multiple modules with a variety of resources that peers can use in finding their own path from lived experience to active advocacy!

Find the CPIEM on our website here!

You can also view the recording of an introductory webinar about the CPIEM here.

Recent Trainings and Webinars

This section includes links to articles about recent trainings and webinars here on our website. Each article includes a link to the relevant recording.

Training Archive

Trainings from throughout CAFE TAC’s history can be found below.