Closing the Circle: Cross Disability Collaboration for Systems Change

Launch the Cross Disability TrainingThe work of systems change can be daunting. People with behavioral health needs and their advocates know what they would like the service delivery system to look like, but getting to that reality can be a real challenge.

Fortunately, behavioral health advocates are not alone in facing that challenge. There are individuals with all types of disabilities and their advocates across the country that have also been working to make the system more responsive over the years. The CAFE TA Center believes that by working together and finding common ground, people representing the full range of disabilities and health needs can multiply their voices, and have a larger impact.

To examine the possibilities, we have created a presentation entitled.  Closing the Circle:  Cross Disability Collaboration for Systems Change. It examines the history of the disability rights movement, and offers some ideas on how to collaborate with groups representing a range of people with disabilities. Hopefully it will offer you and/or your organization a way forward in working across disabilities to promote change.

You can view this online training by following the link below:

Closing the Circle:  Cross Disability Collaboration for Systems Change

This training is presented as a pre-recorded slide show. To view the training in pdf format with a written transcription of the audio, click here.