Contracting: Building Organizational Sustainability

Link to Contracting TrainingConsumer organizations are constantly seeking ways to obtain revenue, expand their operations and ensure their long-term sustainability. One way to meet those needs is to enter into contracts to provide specific services.

But how can a consumer organization go about entering into a contract? And what do they need to know about how contracts work? To answer those questions The CAFE TA Center has created its newest online training, Contracting: Building Organizational Sustainability.

This training examines why contracting can be a good sustainability option for consumer-run organizations. It also covers the basics of what contracts entail, offers advice on how organizations can protect themselves in the contracting process, and explores some of the challenges and potential pitfalls associated with contracting.

You can view this online training by following the link below.

Contracting: Building Organizational Sustainability

This training is presented as a pre-recorded slide show with accompanying audio. To view the training in pdf format with a written transcription of the audio, click here.