Disclosing Mental Health Needs in the Workplace

There is no doubt that having meaningful work is an important part of life for most people,  providing a sense of purpose and self-worth in addition to income. When it comes time to find suitable employment, however, individuals with mental health needs must face the question of how to talk about their mental illness in the workplace. Should they disclose their diagnosis to their employer? What accommodations might they need? How will their colleagues react? What about the stigma attached to mental illness? Will being open about a mental health condition lead to trouble, or will it be an opportunity to show that people with mental illnesses are just as capable of success as anyone else?

To help individuals with mental health needs answer some of these questions, The CAFE TA Center has created its newest Focus newsletter: Focus 22: Disclosure in the Workplace. It offers some things to consider when deciding how and what to reveal about a mental illness in a professional environment, discusses the legal protections in the Americans with Disabilities Act, and examines the pros and cons of full disclosure. Please check it out today!