Focus 45: Finding the Right Fit: What to Look For in a College or University

The demand for mental health services is at an all-time high, and colleges and universities are struggling to meet the need for support and counseling among their student bodies. The end result is a crisis not just among the students, who report extraordinarily high levels of depression and anxiety, but among institutions of higher education as a whole, as schools struggle with the demand for mental health services. Given the pressure on colleges and universities to provide for an ever-growing number of students in need of support, it is more essential than ever that people with mental health needs seeking to pursue higher education make decisions about where to study that are grounded in an understanding of the their own needs, the unique culture of each campus,  and the level of support and accommodations each school is able to offer.

In the latest Focus newsletter, CAFE TAC provides some advice on what prospective students with mental health needs should look for in a college or university. There’s a lot to consider, from the culture around mental health and stigma on campus, to university policies and available accommodations. To get a sense of how to figure out if a given school is the right fit, check out Focus 45: Finding the Right Fit:  What to Look For in a College or University.