Focus 8: Disaster Preparedness: Are We Ready?

From tornadoes in the Midwest, to flooding in the Northeast, to wild fires in the Southwest, recent events have reminded us that everyone needs to be ready for a potential disaster. Times of natural or man-made disaster can be especially difficult for Americans with behavioral health needs, as they can be cut off from essential support systems for days or weeks at a time, while also being “triggered” by traumatic events in their community.

It is often said that it is not a matter of “if” a disaster will occur, but “when.” So what can individuals do? Prepare now, before disaster strikes, so you are ready when it eventually happens. CAFE TAC’s latest Focus newsletter, Disaster Preparedness: Are We Ready? tackles this issue with information on how disasters and their aftermath unfolds, the role of consumer organizations in helping communities prepare, and steps individuals should take. Check it out online here.