Organizational Sustainability

The demands on nonprofits continue to mount with increased pressure to do more with less.  Organizational leaders struggle with expectations to function like a business but continue to be reimbursed as a charity. The CAFE TAC will provide organizational and program leaders resources, tools, and training that can contribute to survival and promote the sustainability of organizations and assist leaders in developing the skills and expertise that can enhance the overall health of their organizational infrastructure to keep them afloat with a targeted emphasis on fundraising, progressive organizational development, strategic direction, and financial planning.

The CAFE TAC has created a two-part sustainability training to help consumers that are trying to operate their own nonprofits in today’s difficult environment. We are pleased to announce that both parts are now available here on


Focus 46: Passing the Torch: Sustainability and Leadership Transition provides two handy assessment tools to help organizations prepare to face the challenges and disruption that can accompany a change in key personnel.

Conflict Resolution: Challenging Organizational Change and Growth is an online training that examines the internal conflicts that can challenge consumer organizations, and how to turn those conflicts into productive action and meaningful organizational development.

The CAFE TAC has produced a white paper on collaboration between disability organizations called Looking at Cross Disability Collaboration. You can view it here.

At the 2012 Alternatives Conference, The CAFE TA Center presented a session on Board development called Board to Death. You can view the slide show, along with the materials that were shared in that session, by following this link.

To check out Organizational Sustainability, Part 1, please follow this link.

You can find Organizational Sustainability, Part 2, by following this link.

View our training on Contracting: Building Organizational Stability here.

Focus 18 examines The Role of Consumer Run Organizations in Helping Persons with Mental Health Needs in a Changing Health Care Environment.

Focus 16 looks at the role if charitable giving in organizational sustainability. View it here.

Focus 15 includes tips on finding funding through grants. View it here.

Focus 12 examines the importance of Board development. View it here.

Focus 11 features information on Organizational Development. View it here.


Outside Resources

Authenticity Consulting Field Guides – A series of guides “packed with highly practical and step-by-step guidelines, tools and techniques about all of the most important activities” for organizational development, organized by topic.

Building an Infrastructure for SOC: Governance and Accountability – Presents information about the lines of authority for decision making, budgeting, fiduciary flow, and governance structures within systems of care.

Building an Infrastructure for SOC: The Role of Management – Power Point presentation clarifying expectations for management and staff in building the infrastructure for a systems of care based on the requirements of the Federal cooperative agreement.

Building and Sustaining Strong, Engaged Programs-Part 1 – Parameters necessary to build real sustainability for the work being done by an organization.

Building and Sustaining Strong, Engaged Programs-Part 2 – Continuation of traditional approaches to “sustainability” that have failed to sustain organizations, and have also failed to create sweeping improvement to the quality of life in communities.

Building and Sustaining Strong, Engaged Programs-Part 3
Practical methods for achieving sustainability aims simultaneously.

Cultural Competency in Mental Health Peer-run Programs and Self-help Groups: A Tool to Assess and Enhance Your Services – – Tool to identify the ways in which activities are already responsive to culturally diverse peers and areas for improvement; creating specific action plans to enhance cultural competency in five important areas.

Organizational Sustainability – Discusses organizational sustainability and the many complex and dynamic dimensions that must be sustainable within organizations.

Advancing the Sustainability of Peer-Run and Recovery Community Organizations – This is an archived recording of a BRSS TACS webinar on organizational sustainability.