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Supports for Families Workshop Series

CAFE TAC is excited to share a new resource for people supporting friends, relations, and family members with mental health conditions, the Supports for Families Workshop Series! This interactive workshop series has been designed to help family members and caregivers of people with serious mental health conditions support their family member by promoting recovery and taking a strengths-based approach to encouraging resiliency and self-direction. The workshop series includes both a series of videos and a corresponding workbook. There are five modules in the series, with each one having its own video and a section in the workbook that goes with …

Peer-Operated Respites: Is It Time for National Standards?

The CAFÉ TA Center recently hosted a webinar on the growth of peer-run respite services and how peers and advocates can help shape it, “Peer-Operated Respites: Is It Time for National Standards?” View the recording here! Peer-Operated Respites have a long history of offering a healing option for people experiencing mental health-related crisis situations as an alternative to crisis stabilization centers, emergency departments, involuntary commitment, and in-patient settings.  While they are not new, there are currently only about 40 peer respites in the US, spanning 15 states. However, this is changing, with more peer-run respites emerging as communities, states, funders, and …

The Soteria Experience: Home, not Hospital

The CAFÉ TA Center recently hosted The Soteria Experience: Home, not Hospital, a free webinar on how Soteria Houses offer an alternative recovery path for people with serious mental health conditions.  View the recording here. The belief that people with schizophrenia can’t or won’t recover has been debunked through numerous longitudinal studies. Yet, much misunderstanding and stigma persists, and too often, people are still met with a prevailing message that stabilization is the goal, psychotropic medications are the treatment, and hospitalization is inevitable. Since the early 1970’s, Soteria Houses have challenged these pathology narratives, demonstrating the effectiveness of healing communities …

About The CAFE TA Center

The CAFÉ TA Center is a program of The Family Café, a cross-disability organization that has been connecting individuals with information, training and resources since 1998. The Center is supported by SAMHSA to operate one of its five national technical assistance centers; providing technical assistance, training, and resources that facilitate the restructuring of the mental health system through effective consumer directed approaches for adults with serious mental illnesses across the country.

We Exist to Help You

The CAFÉ TA Center is committed to providing quality training to consumers and advocates throughout the country. Consumers in the community need the right knowledge and tools to effectively organize, speak for themselves, and thrive in their daily lives. Thanks to the technology available, it has become relatively easy to connect with consumers and advocates and share resources without having to ask people to interrupt their daily routines by traveling to attend training.

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The CAFÉ TA Center is committed to connecting consumers, advocates and organizations with information and resources that can make a real difference for them, regardless of where they come from. That’s why we have created this section, to house those resources that partners, experts, peers and advocates and developed and chosen to share with others. We truly believe that our advocacy and capacity can be greatly enhanced by working together, not only across states and SAMHSA programs, but also across the entire spectrum of healthcare and human services advocacy.

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