A Webinar on Peer Leadership, Thursday November 5th

The CAFÉ TA Center hosted a webinar on peer leadership, Leadership Roles for Peers and Peer Specialists . . . within Peer-Run Organizations, the CPS Industry, and the Peer Communityat 2PM ET on Thursday, November 5th, 2020.

Individuals with mental health conditions have the experience, knowledge, and understanding to transform the mental health system of care to make it more effective. The challenge is translating that ability into action that will lead to systems change. This webinar will help to define leadership in the mental health lived experience context and examine different leadership paths, including roles within peer-led organizations, promoting the value of lived experience and peer support to potential partners, and creating a community of recovery through networking and service. 

Attendees will come away with answers to questions like:

Why is peer leadership essential?

How can peer leaders bring people together to create a unified voice for recovery?

How can they partner with state agencies, providers, and professionals to integrate peer support, recovery, and lived experience into approaches to mental health?

How can they help create pathways to professional opportunities for people with lived experience?

Hear from peer leaders currently working in a number of roles about their experiences as leaders in their communities and insights into peer leadership. CAFÉ TAC will also share information about future trainings and learning opportunities that will further explore how people with lived experience of mental health conditions and become leaders in their communities.

Find a full recording of this webinar online at https://zoom.us/rec/share/MrBogOxgYk42ByT1VHatu2f8i1Wv1ZIfKFPtMSS7DmJrDtqZjTWrrNdJlf7BI-II.4kw_TLUBi6mAhDQx.