Check Out “Getting A Degree through Supported Education”

Getting a Degree Through Supported EducationThe CAFÉ TA Center is committed to promoting Supported Education for people with mental illness that want to attain the personal and professional benefits that accompany post-secondary education. To help explain what Supported Education is and what it can do for new and returning students with mental illness, CAFÉ TAC has created a new presentation, Getting a Degree Through Supported Education. It offers a brief overview of Supported Education and what it can offer to consumers with mental health issues who would like to continue their education, but may require additional supports and accommodations. This presentation explains how Supported Education can benefit consumers and provides specific resources and approaches for locating and accessing programs.

As with all of our trainings, Getting a Degree Through Supported Education has been created as a narrated online slideshow. That means you can pause or rewind, and view the training in whole or part whenever it is convenient for you, 24/7.

You can view Getting a Degree Through Supported Education online here!