Focus: Recovery is Breaking Through

People with lived experience and advocates that work in the mental health world are well-versed in the idea of recovery. We know that a mental health challenge is not a debilitating lifetime sentence, and that by focusing on strengths and wellness, people with mental health conditions can live fulfilling lives and contribute to society.

The question remains, does the general public, beyond the mental health community, understand the power and value of the recovery model? With changes to the system driven by healthcare reform ongoing, and mental health on the Congressional agenda, this is a critical moment to examine that question. In our latest Focus, CAFE TAC looks at how recovery is moving into the public policy and the treatment community, and how advocates are working to make certain that community-based, patient-centered recovery is central to efforts at systemic reform. Check it out here!

And to hear personal stories of recovery, check out the videos in our Recovery Stories series.