Supporting Consumer Participation in Conferences

Every year, there are a wide variety of conferences, trainings and learning opportunities related to mental health, substance abuse, peer networks, trauma informed care, and other important behavioral health topics. These events typically invite the participation of consumers of behavioral health services, but unfortunately, there are some genuine barriers that can make it difficult for consumers to get to these events, fully participate and have their voices heard.

So how can individual consumers and consumer organizations find ways to enable the meaningful participation of consumers in conferences, trainings and other learning opportunities? To help answer that question, The CAFE TA Center has created a new white paper, Developing Consumer Support Options for Attending Conferences. It examines approaches that consumer run organizations, professional agencies and service providers, and individuals can utilize in locating and securing the necessary resources for expanding consumer participation in all kinds of conferences and events.

If consumers are going to have a real role in changing the system of care, we need to be at the table, and involved in the conversation. So please check out Developing Consumer Support Options for Attending Conferences for some practical advice on how to get there!