Supports for Families

Welcome to CAFE TAC's Supports for Families Workshop Series!

This interactive workshop series has been designed to help family members and caregivers of people with serious mental health conditions support their family member by promoting recovery and taking a strengths-based approach to encouraging resiliency and self-direction.

Check out this video for an introduction to the series, and an overview of how it works.

The workshop series includes both a series of videos and a corresponding workbook.

There are five modules in the series, with each one having its own video and a section in the workbook that goes with it. Each module is hosted on its own webpage where you can view both the relevant workbook section and its related video:

  1. Making Sense of Things That Don’t Make Sense
  2. Just for Caregivers – Yes, Just for You!
  3. True Connections Through Communication
  4. Mental Health Recovery and the Role of Families in the Recovery Process
  5. Building Your Parenting/Caregiving Confidence

Feel free to view all of the modules in order, or skip directly to one that speaks to you!

The entire workbook can be viewed on this page below. You can also download the full Supports for Families Workshop Series workbook by clicking here.

In addition to sections that correspond to the workshop modules, the full workbook also includes information on how this series was created, peer support, definitions and resources, and more!

Part 3 of the workbook includes five sections, one for each of the five modules in the series.
Thank you for being here, and taking this family mental health recovery journey along with us!