A Focus 2.0 on Peer Support and Crisis Services

The latest edition of CAFE TAC’s Focus 2.0 newsletter is here!

This edition of Focus 2.0 takes a look at an important new resource on the role of peer support in responding to mental health crises from the Bazelon Center for Mental Health. With communities across the country looking for new, better ways to respond to people in crisis, the opportunity for peer support specialists to step forward with solutions is now. This Focus 2.0 explains how Bazelon’s report can help them make the case.

We also consider the implications of California’s recently passed Prop 1, and share CAFE TAC’s newest resource to support peer engagement in systems change, the Consumer Pathways to Inclusion and Engagement Model (CPIEM).

You’ll also find the latest edition in our “Capacity Corner” column, which discusses how peer organization leaders can think through supporting their peer staff when personal crises interrupt their work.

Check out the latest Focus 2.0 here!