Embracing Your Own Path and Recovery While Supporting Family Members in Theirs

Are you a caregiver navigating the complexities of supporting your family member’s recovery journey? Look no further! The CAFÉ TA Center invites you to an enlightening webinar and interactive conversation about family mental health, Embracing Your Own Path and Recovery While Supporting Family Members in Theirs, at 2:00 ET on Wednesday, May 22nd.

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Recovery starts with us, and our transformation significantly impacts our family members. Empowering ourselves means recognizing our ability to create change. Rather than solely focusing on “fixing” our family members, we shift our attention to changing ourselves. Recovery is not always a destination; it’s also an ongoing journey of growth and healing. And even if different family members are in different places in their journeys, they can still connect and support each other!

In this webinar, we will:

  • Look at mental health recovery, by considering the spectrum of mental health, from thriving to crisis, and the roles we each play in our family mental health story.
  • Come to understand individual recovery journeys, by examining how each family member’s path is influenced by personal experiences, beliefs, and needs, demystifying clinical terminology, and exploring ideas like denial, relapse, and strength.
  • Discuss the stages of change within a family context, by recognizing that family members can be at different stages of change while still being connected, and reflecting on how caregivers can identify where they are on their own mental health journey and support themselves while supporting their family member, no matter where that family member is in their own recovery.

To allow for an interactive experience and real-time engagement and support, the webinar portion of this event will be immediately followed by a roundtable conversation where attendees can share their insights, ask questions, and discuss the challenges they face in their own family mental health journey.

Join us for an empowering event that celebrates caregivers, resilience, and growth. Let’s walk this path together!

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