A Webinar and Learning Community Series on Peer-Run Crisis Alternatives

CAFÉ TAC invites you to attend its webinar and Learning Community series, Peer-Run Crisis Alternatives: Warm Lines, Respites, Wellness Centers, Community Response Teams, and PAD’s.  Register here!

Mental health systems of care are rapidly evolving to include expanded roles for peer- and consumer-run services, and this trend is especially prevalent in crisis response. In this webinar and Learning Community series, CEO of North Carolina’s Promise Resource Network and Bazelon Center Innovator of the Year Cherene Caraco will present an overview of five peer- and recovery-centered crisis alternatives: peer-operated warm lines, peer respites, peer-run wellness centers, community response teams, and the use of psychiatric advance directives (PAD’s).

The webinar that began this series was held on May 12th. View a recording here!

The series will continue with five Learning Community meetings on each of the five peer-run crisis alternatives discussed in the webinar weekly on Thursdays at Noon ET:

There is no cost to attend, and certificates of attendance are available.

To make it easier to participate, registering for the initial webinar will also automatically register you for all five Learning Community sessions.

Please join us!

Attend to learn answers to questions including:

  • What is a consumer-operated service?
  • What defines a peer-run agency?
  • What are programs and services that they can offer?
  • How do those programs work?
  • How do peer and recovery values make those programs and services unique and effective, and what outcomes do they produce?

Engagement in crisis services offers peer specialists and peer-run organizations a way to bring peer support and person-centered, recovery-based approaches to an essential front-line space where they can improve outcomes and demonstrate the power of their values. Join us for this conversation about specific ways to make that happen in your community!