Family Mental Health: Tips, Strategies, and a Great New Resource

The CAFÉ TA Center recently hosted a free webinar on how families and caregivers can support recovery and wellness for their family members with mental health conditions, “Family Mental Health: Tips, Strategies, and a Great New Resource.”

View the recording here!

A serious mental health condition can be difficult to navigate, both for the person that lives with it, and for the family members and caregivers that surround them. Too often, family members’ desire to help and fix things can feel coercive to people in distress and create distance and frustration instead of healing and understanding. That can leave both parties feeling frustrated, and undermine wellbeing for both the individual with a mental health condition and their family member or caregiver.

What if there’s a better way?

In this webinar, two family peers and family mental health experts, Kirsten Drybrough and Charlotte Armstrong from Robyn Priest Live Your Truth and All IN Families,  introduce you to a new resource they developed exclusively for CAFÉ TAC, the “Supports for Families Workshop Series.” This online resource, which includes both a series of five video modules and a corresponding workbook, has been designed to help family members and caregivers of people with serious mental health conditions support their family member by promoting recovery and taking a strengths-based approach to encouraging resiliency and self-direction.

In addition to sharing about the Supports for Families Workshop Series and how to use it, these two family mental health experts also review key tips and strategies to help support recovery and wellness for family members with mental health conditions, while also helping caregivers maintain their own wellbeing and resilience.    

If you have a person with a serious mental health condition that’s part of your life, or if you’re a person with lived experience looking for resources to help your family members support your recovery, this is the webinar for you!

View the recording here!