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CAFÉ TAC invites you to continue our ongoing conversation about how family members of youth and adults with mental health conditions can effectively support their family member’s recovery and improve whole family wellness through our five-part Family Mental Health Learning Community series.

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In September, CAFÉ TAC hosted a webinar, “What’s this Recovery, Wellness and Well-Being Thing? How to Support Yourself and Your Family Member,” that explored common challenges people face in supporting their family members with mental health conditions. You can find a recording of it here:

On the webinar, two family peers and family mental health experts, Kirsten Drybrough and Charlotte Sytnyk from Robyn Priest Live Your Truth and All IN Families, shared essential lessons they have learned on their own family journey, and in their work supporting parents and families of youth and adults with mental health conditions.

Now, CAFÉ TAC invites you to join Kirsten and Charlotte in an interactive conversation about how instead of unsuccessfully trying to get a family member in distress to engage in treatment, blaming themselves, and feeling guilty, families can empower their family members to find the recovery path that works for them, provide support that meets their needs, and make life better for everyone involved.

These sessions are scheduled for 2:00 PM ET on: