Focus: Behavioral Health Leads the Way in Changing the Accreditation Process

What is “accreditation” and why does it matter? “Accreditation” is the process whereby a health care provider obtains impartial, outside approval for the manner in which it provides services. Traditionally, the accreditation process has involved outside experts looking closely at health care providers, their staffs, their internal processes, and other measurable factors. Rarely has accreditation been seen as an opportunity for a meaningful improvement in services. That’s beginning to change, however, thanks to the growth of consumer-centered care in the behavioral health arena.

Check out CAFE TAC’s latest Focus newsletter, to learn how behavioral health is leading the way in changing the accreditation process, so that it becomes based not only on objective measurement, but also on the experience of the people receiving the care. The input of people with lived experience is genuinely changing how providers are evaluated! Find out how in our new Focus newsletter!