Recovery Stories – Episode 7: A Message to the Outside World

The CAFE TA Center is pleased to release the seventh and final video in its Recovery Stories series. In this segment, people with lived experience speak out about what they think the world needs to know about recovery. While recovery is a familiar concept for people in the peer support movement, those outside the behavioral health community might not understand the value and effectiveness of the recovery model, and how the notion of recovery can provide the hope and empowerment that more traditional treatment approaches lack.

The individuals in this video have a clear message for their communities: mental health  impacts everyone, people with mental health diagnoses are people with hopes and dreams that deserve the same recognition of their humanity as anyone else, and recovery works because at its root, it’s about hope.

We hope you have enjoyed our Recovery Stories video series. Remember, all seven videos in the series are available here on our website. Feel free to share them with families, providers and advocates in your community, to help them better understand what recovery means to you!