TAC Training

The CAFÉ TA Center is committed to providing quality training to consumers and advocates throughout the country. Consumers in the community need the right knowledge and tools to effectively organize, speak for themselves, and thrive in their daily lives. Thanks to the technology available, it has become relatively easy to connect with consumers and advocates and share resources without having to ask people to interrupt their daily routines by traveling to attend training.

The CAFÉ TA Center will take advantage of that technology by hosting a series of trainings online. Those who miss trainings, or wish to view them after the fact, will be able to find all of our past trainings here in the Training section of our website.

Training topics will include workforce development, supported education, transition, leadership, organizational development, sustainability, and more. If you think there’s a subject that needs to be addressed through a training, please contact us to let us know!

Training #1: Consumers with Lived Experience: Critical Partners in the Mental Health System of Care

Training #2: Organizational Stability, Part 1

Training #3: Getting a Degree Through Supported Education

Training #4: Organizational Stability, Part 2

Training #5: Disaster Planning for Consumers of Mental Health Services

Training #6: Bridging the Gap: Reaching Out to Emerging Adults

Training #7: Emerging Adults on Governance Boards

Training #8: Contracting: Building Organizational Sustainability

Training #9: Closing the Circle: Cross-Disability Collaboration for Systems Change

Training #10: Re-Organizing the Organization

Training #11: Bored To Death: Wake Up Your Board of Directors

Training #12: Workforce Development: Advocating for Peer Support Specialist Positions

Training #13: Conflict Resolution: Challenging Organizational Change and Growth

Training #14: Peers as Professionals: Workplace Success

Training #15: Peer Supervision