Video: Discover Health from Within

Discover Health From Within, which was presented in conjunction with The 15th Annual Family Cafe this June, is a training about expanding one’s perspective about who we are, the sources of our illnesses and diseases, and the ways in which we can optimize our health and live from a dynamic place where dreams once again seem possible. It is about making informed choices about optimal health solutions. This training offers new approaches to health and wellness that are based on research that combines study of the physical body with that of the spiritual, emotional and psychological self. New understanding that accounts for both the neurological and the psychological has illuminated the powerful connections between our mind and body. Research has shown how these connections inform our healing processes, and have opened up new approaches to wellness. This new perspective is too often not readily available to families with a member with a mental illness or disability. View the full video in two parts: Discover Health from Within Part One; Discover Health from Within Part Two.