Alternatives to Suicide: A Harm Reduction Approach

The CAFÉ TA Center recently hosted Alternatives to Suicide: A Harm Reduction Approach, a conversation about alternative approaches to suicide driven by genuine openness, recovery values, and authentic peer connection.

View the recording here!

Harm reduction approaches to suicide are evolving as an impactful way of understanding, validating, and supporting people experiencing deep emotional pain. One of the most well-known examples is the Alternatives to Suicide groups and curricula developed by Massachusetts peer-run organization Wildflower Alliance.

View this facilitated discussion with leaders from Wildflower Alliance as we explore harm reduction as it relates to thoughts and experiences of suicide, and its impact on suicide attempt survivors and those that have considered suicide, as well as people that are in supportive relationships with them. Information about Alt2Suicide, its philosophy, approach, and groups will also be shared. 

If traditional approaches around suicide risk assessments, hospitalization, clinical treatment, and behavior management have been insufficient, ineffective, or even harmful to you, this is a conversation you don’t want to miss! 

View the recording here!

This webinar is the eighth in a year-long series of monthly conversations about innovative peer-centered, recovery-focused practices in mental health facilitated by national peer leader, CEO of Promise Resource Network, and 2022 Bazelon Center Innovator of the Year Cherene Caraco.

Throughout the series, Cherene and CAFE TAC will introduce attendees to leaders with lived experience who have launched alternative ways to advance recovery, voice, and healing in their communities. Join us as we learn about innovative approaches, concepts, models and programs throughout the US and become inspired to perhaps launch your own!