The National Supported Education Programs Directory

CAFE TAC is pleased to share a new resource for people with mental health conditions in search of opportunities in higher education, the National Supported Education Programs directory.

Supported education is an approach designed to address the higher education goals of individuals with psychiatric disabilities and/or mental health challenges and support their success in post-secondary settings like community colleges, technical schools, and universities.

Ideally, it would be easy for anyone that was interested in pursuing higher education to find a supported education program that could meet their needs. However, despite supported education being a promising evidence-based practice, there is currently no comprehensive listing of supported education programs, and no go-to starting point for individuals or families looking for educational supports.

To fill that gap, the five SAMHSA-funded national consumer and consumer-supporter TA centers came together to create this directory of supported education programs and services for individuals experiencing psychiatric disabilities and/or mental health challenges across the United States and outlying territories. It is a great place to start if you are looking for programs that support the educational success of students with serious mental health conditions.

Find it online here!