A Webinar on The Future of Integrated Care

CAFÉ TAC recently hosted you to attend a free webinar on the challenges and opportunities presented by integrated care, and the implications for mental health peers and peer-run organizations in their efforts to promote recovery values and drive systems change.

This webinar, The Time is NOW: Peer-Run Organizations and Integrated Care, was hosted by Cherene Caraco, peer leader, advocate, and CEO of North Carolina’s Promise Resource Network. She shared the strategy her organization has adopted in advocating for the integration of peer support in a variety of settings.

The full recording of this webinar is available here.

Check it out to learn answers to questions including:

  • What is integrated care?
  • What trends are driving the integration of peer support in different settings?
  • What innovative approaches can peers and peer-run organizations take to demonstrate their value and impact?
  • Where should you go to advocate for additional opportunities for peer- and recovery-based services?
  • How can you match your expertise and values with the right partners and funding opportunities?

Integrated care is coming, and it’s changing the playing field for peers, peer-run organizations, and the mental health system of care. View this essential conversation about getting ahead of what’s to come

This webinar will be the first in a series designed to explore integrated care and bridge the gap between peers and peer-run organizations and the providers and systems that are seeking to integrate their expertise. Stay tuned for upcoming webinars on integrating peer support; peer support and crisis services; how integrating peer support can enhance provider organizations; and successful recruitment, retention, and support of the peer workforce!