A Learning Community on Self-Disclosure, Representation, and Empowerment

The CAFÉ TA Center recently hosted a Learning Community that explored the decisions people with lived experience of mental health conditions make about how they talk about their own mental health, how mental health is represented in our public discourse, and how people can create a space for their own empowerment and impact the way mental health is perceived.

Recordings of all four sessions in this Learning Community are now available.

Session 1 – Mental Health Support Spaces

Session 2 – Mental Health and the ADA in the Workplace

Session 3 – Mental Illness Representation in TV and Movies

Session 4 – The Criminalization of Mental Illness

This Learning Community was facilitated by Sylvie Krause. She delivered a webinar for CAFÉ TAC this past February to share her experience with self-disclosure regarding her recovery journey and mental health challenges. (The recorded webinar can be viewed here). 

Sylvie served as a catalyst for discussion, starting each Learning Community with a short thought-provoking presentation about a key topic related to self-disclosure. Participants were encouraged and supported to share their thoughts and feelings in a facilitated discussion. Everyone was given a chance to share their own observations about they navigate self-disclosure, and learn from each other about how peers can add to better public understanding of mental health and support their own recovery at the same time.