Peer-Operated Respites: Is It Time for National Standards?

The CAFÉ TA Center recently hosted a webinar on the growth of peer-run respite services and how peers and advocates can help shape it, “Peer-Operated Respites: Is It Time for National Standards?”

View the recording here!

Peer-Operated Respites have a long history of offering a healing option for people experiencing mental health-related crisis situations as an alternative to crisis stabilization centers, emergency departments, involuntary commitment, and in-patient settings. 

While they are not new, there are currently only about 40 peer respites in the US, spanning 15 states. However, this is changing, with more peer-run respites emerging as communities, states, funders, and policymakers recognize the need to build out non-carceral crisis prevention, diversion, and alternative care options. 

As awareness and funding opportunities expand, the risk of co-optation of peer-operated respites also increases. This has brought leaders to organize, and ask themselves whether it is time for national standards to ensure peer support and recovery values remain front and center as peer-operated respites proliferate. 

Join a panel of national peer respite leaders for this vital conversation about the future of peer respite. We will dispel myths, dig into controversial topics, answer some of the most frequently asked questions, and debate about defining peer respite and associated standards. 

View the recording here!

This webinar is the fifth in a year-long series of monthly conversations about innovative peer-centered, recovery-focused practices in mental health facilitated by national peer leader, CEO of Promise Resource Network, and 2022 Bazelon Center Innovator of the Year Cherene Caraco.

Throughout the series, Cherene and CAFE TAC will introduce attendees to leaders with lived experience who have launched alternative ways to advance recovery, voice, and healing in their communities. Join us as we learn about innovative approaches, concepts, models and programs throughout the US and become inspired to perhaps launch your own!