Supporting Employees with Mental Health Conditions: Two Short Case Scenarios

CAFE TAC is pleased to share two new guides designed to help employers understand how to support employees with mental health conditions.

A helpful way for employers to think through mental health in the workplace and the issues that come up in dealing with it is by imagining possible scenarios that could take place in their organization. That’s exactly the approach in these new Supporting Employees with Mental Health Conditions Short Case Scenario guides.

The first guide, First Seek to Understand, offers guidance on how a manager can begin a conversation about mental health when they see an employee struggling, and offers tips on how to listen actively and set the tone.

The second guide, Dealing with Disclosure, goes over what to consider when and employee decides it’s time to open up about their mental health, how it impacts their job performance, and what they need to succeed.

Whether you are an employer looking to improve your workplace culture, an employee seeking resources to explain mental health to your employer, or an advocate in need of tools to talk about workplace mental health, these two guides can be helpful for you!